Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cheesy mushroom puffs – story of an invention!

Have you ever panicked receiving unexpected guests? Unsure of your appearance, those scattered toys in the living room, the unwashed dishes in the kitchen sink, the unfolded cloths in the laundry basket and oh yeah… above all the big question, what to give them!!!

On such an easygoing dull evening I got information that some visitors are coming. I rushed to check in the freezer for some precooked snacks. Alas!!! …Nothing was there! :( I called hubby and asked to buy some snacks and get home early. But the answer was disappointing…he was in a conference and couldn’t come soon and asked me to manage.

Oh dear, what am I to make :( !!!. I checked my fridge once more for luck. I found some deep frozen chicken and beef inside the freezer and also a packet of puff pastry sheets. I pulled the pastry sheet out and doubted about the filling. Chicken won’t thaw in the immediate future. What about some egg puffs? Ummm…my baby wasn’t in a mood to cooperate.

Uhhhh…what else for filling! I looked the lower racks for some inspiration and found a packet of mushrooms. I pulled that out along with a packet of grated cheese still unconvinced of what to do.

I was still pondering over the filling when the doorbell rang and the guests and my hubby arrived simultaneously. I was literally crying in my inside but wore a clownish smile.

I took the pastry sheets spread some tomato sauce and placed some thinly sliced mushroom, onion and some grated cheese and rolled up and baked.
Umm…this is really good, one more piece :) …’one of them said. ‘Really!! Are they good!!!…Let me try!’ I exclaimed. Oh dear, surely they were…not kidding!

Hihihi… I invented this recipe (‘necessity is the mother of invention’, right?) but I know I do not own its recipe because somebody else had already invented and made it before me (I googled :)). But in this case I just could manage, and it didn’t cheat me; hence I will keep it.

  1. Puff pastry sheets (thawed) – 3 nos
  2. Button mushrooms (thinly sliced) – 15 nos
  3. Onion (thinly sliced) – 1 big
  4. Grated cheddar cheese – ¾ cup
  5. Tomato sauce – a few
  6. Egg (whisked) – 1 no
  1. Mix mushroom, onion and cheese together.
  2. Place puff pastry sheets on a flat work surface.
  3. Spread 2tsp of tomato sauce over the pastry sheet.
  4. Place one third of the filling mixture on one edge.
  5. Roll up tightly to enclose the filling and brush the pastry with egg.
  6. Cut each roll evenly into 5 pieces.
  7. Line an oven rack with greased aluminium foil.
  8. Place rolls, seam-side down on the foil.
  9. Bake at 250ºc for 20 minutes or until golden brown.


  1. What an excellent invention :) nevermind if you found it on the net,but I still think this one belongs to you:)They look so crisp and crunchy and mushroom is the perfect filling,I am an all time mushroom fanatic :)

  2. Wow very nice invention...looks tempting!

  3. wow....
    love the filling:)
    puffs looks perfect and crispy

  4. Mushroom Puffs look so fulfilling and crispy. Could not take my eyes off them. Fabulous Puffs.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. Wow! That's one gorgeous looking puff and the pictures are amazing.

  6. Thats a irresistible and inviting puffs..

  7. Lovely invention..looks so tempting snack..

  8. Wow Perfect Puffs,sure will try it!

  9. I love this!! It sounded like me in a pickle :) The combination sounds great, I will definetly be trying it out. Thanks!!

  10. I tried this Puffs and posted in my blog...It comes out nicely.Thanks for sharing:)

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