Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ice cream cake !

One day it was very rush at the supermarket counter. So I took one recipe magazine from the rack near the counter and just turned its pages. I went through several beautiful pictures of foods unfamiliar to me.

Among that an image of a cake, which had an ice cream topping, garnished with nuts and dry fruits impressed me. I perused its recipe and decided to try it immediately.

I just wanted to try it out but hesitate to make because I was afraid three quarters of what I make would go into my inside and boost calories!

That week two of our friends were going to India on vacation. So we invited them for a see-off dinner. And I planned to make the cake I saw in the magazine for dessert.

When the dessert was served, I saw that my friends relished it; and asked me what it is?
Hmm…I’ve to find a name for it! I said “its ice cream cake!!!”

They all enjoyed it very much and so do I !

  1. Sponge cake (8" round) – 1 no (I used a store bought one)
  2. Ice cream – 1 ½ liter (softened slightly)
  3. Glazed cherries (chopped) – 150 g
  4. Roasted unsalted cashews (chopped) – ½ cup
  1. Cut the cake horizontally into two equal parts.
  2. Place one half in a freezer proof cake plate.
  3. Using a knife place one third of the ice cream over top of the plated layer.
  4. Sprinkle half of the chopped nuts and fruits on the top evenly.
  5. Place the remaining cake half on top of the ice cream.
  6. Put the cake in the freezer to harden for 1 hour.
  7. Frost the remaining ice cream on the top and sides of the cake.
  8. Sprinkle the remaining nuts and fruits on top.
  9. Freeze for at least two hours and cut into desired shapes before serving.


  1. Yummy Ice cream cake looks lovely.

  2. Is it really that simple :0 It looks absolutely exquisite and so well done:) keep it up!!!

  3. Gosh..easy to make one!!! Loved it ;)

  4. Ice cream cake looks sooooooo gorgeous,tempting and droolworthy..

  5. Yummy looking mouthwatering ice cream cake. Still drooling over it.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  6. That's absolutely delicious..superb

  7. superbb dear never had ice cream cake

  8. I enjoyed reading your sweet story about how you found this cake recipe. So genuine, and inspirational about you making this for your friends too.
    Love the cake, looks so pretty and also if you wouldn't have mentioned it, I would think it was time consuming effort.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  10. OMG!! Im drooling looking at this pick!!Glad i stopped by & sure to drop in again soon...

  11. wow looks yummy! what a great click!

  12. wow looks super simple and yummy, great click too!

  13. absolutely gorgeous!